Biological Dosing

With the use of “Biological Dosing” the breakdown of effluent is greatly enhanced. Programmed dosing from computerized containers dispense a specially formulated bacteria to breakdown sewage.  This process is effectively used amongst all of STS’s applications, ranging from; residential, commercial, industrial and municipalities.

CSA tested

All STS tank models are CSA tested to ensure your septic tank stands up to the Canadian climate.  This tank sits with over 31,000 pounds of concrete waiting for another 20,000 pounds to be added.

Failed or failing septic field

Over 70% of septic fields fail in the first 3 years.  Imagine the savings by eliminating the cost of a new septic field once a field has failed.  By pre-treating up front cleaner effluent is sent to the septic field greatly reducing the possibility of a failing septic field.

Biological Dredging

Through a biological dosing process sludge can be reduced in lagoons. This process will not only extend the life of a lagoon but also reduce odors and drop sludge levels, all whilst maintaining daily flows.