Terminator – Insulated Effluent Chamber

Sewage Treatment Solution’s TERMINATOR Insulated Effluent Chamber is the next generation in effluent treatment field technology.  Unique features provide far more effective effluent treatment than old style plastic chambers or ‘rock and pipe’ installations.  Effluent treatment is a biochemical process, and the effectiveness of this activity depends on both temperature and oxygen. Since TERMINATOR chambers are manufactured from structural grade high R-value expanded polystyrene, they maintain a higher temperature in the effluent field. Increasing the field temperature has a profound effect on the rate of biochemical activity, the process that cleans effluent and neutralizes dangerous organisms. The TERMINATOR insulating chamber also prevents fields from freezing in periods of low snow and extended cold.  A frozen field is often the cause of effluent back up in winter and subsequent disruption of the entire sewage system.

OXYGEN PERMEABLE CHAMBER WALLS.  Along with a warm operating temperature, biochemical activity in the field requires oxygen for effluent treatment. Older styles of field chambers used slits or vents to allow air into the chamber cavities. These slits also allowed heat to escape, as well as soil to enter the chamber.  STS’s TERMINATOR chambers are air-permeable over their entire surfaces, allowing oxygen to diffuse into the chamber cavity, but restricting heat loss, thereby providing the best possible environment for complete effluent treatment. The chamber design eliminates the need for geo-textile soil barriers. Light handling, no sharp edges and simple to install with the new soil-tight and flexible connections, TERMINATOR chambers have become the premium chambers of the wastewater industry.  LARGEST SOIL AREA FOR OPTIMUM INFILTRATION – The basic chamber is the TERMINATOR Type A. This is a large volume chamber with the greatest bottom soil infiltration area of any chamber system in its class on the market. It is used in standard weeping lateral trench systems, as well as mounds and sand filters. Because it is manufactured of expanded polystyrene, it can be easily cut and mitered to produce custom configurations in order to be installed in difficult topographies. The TERMINATOR Type A can also provide thermal protection in deep burial, as it has been field tested to 8 feet depth. The chamber is highly suited to permafrost installations and more complex effluent treatment systems.

• The Terminator Type A has been independently tested and certified in accordance with the AASHTO (American Association of State Highway and Traffic Officials) H-10 Standard, supporting a 16,000 pound load.
• Terminator chambers meet IAMPO PS 63-99A Material and Property Standard for Plastic Leaching Chambers, International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials.