Septic Tanks – “Made in Canada”

High density polyethylene septic tanks are traditionally manufactured outside of Canada.  Sewage Treatment Solutions is currently involved with CSA for approvals on a Canadian made HD polyethylene septic tank, made by Canadians for the Canadian market.  This will enable our customers to avoid U.S. pricing and transportation costs into Canada.  Shown in the picture to the left is a 2,000 gallon septic tank with over 30,000 pounds atop.  Our tank designs will provide for ease of handling, simplified connection to other tanks, a solid baffle to separate compartments, and welded water tight risers, just a few of the many features available to our customers.  Whether it’s risers or inner support structures, all aspect of tank design undergo rigorous weight testing to ensure not only CSA compliance but a product that you can be  sure will withstand  burial requirements.

Not only is there the economic issue of doing our own manufacturing but the ability to manufacture our own; tanks, risers, lift stations, lids, etc. provides us with the ability to tailor our tank and accessory products to maximize the efficiency of effluent breakdown when incorporating our other technologies.  For example, in the past we’ve had to adopt our biological dosing or aeration technology around other tank manufacturers.  Being able to manufacture and control all design features of the effluent breakdown will merely enhance this process.

Involvement in tank manufacturing has  both enabled and enlightened Sewage Treatment Solutions to develop and customize products for the waste water industry.  By working closely with the design and manufacturing process we are able to investigate and develop different processes that will enhance the waste water treatment process.

Pictures taken from our manufacturing facility in our Northern Alberta plant.