Levapor – Fixed Activated Media

Based on a proprietary porous, adsorbing media, impregnated with activated carbon and surface active pigments for high adsorbent capacity and high internal porosity, this media provides an extremely large surface area allowing for optimal growth of micro organisms for biological wastewater treatment.  This media can be applied to various biological wastewater treatment applications:  Increasing existing treatment plant pollutant removal and flow capacity, BOD/COD removal, Nitrification for ammonia removal, Total-N and Total-P removal  and Bio degradation of persistent and difficult to degrade pollutants.  HOW IT WORKS: this process is a combination of two fundamental biological wastewater treatment technologies namely fixed film growth and suspended growth technology.  The fixed film media/carriers are added to the conventional activated sludge system aeration tank which allows growth of biomass on it. The growth of micro organisms on the attached phase enables significant increase in the biomass in the aeration tank increasing the SRT of the system without increase of recycled sludge flow rate.  This hybrid configuration of suspended as well as attached growth technologies combines distinct advantages of both the technologies which are: Retention of higher biomass in the system rendering higher loading rates and improved process stability.