Biological Dosing


Biological dosing, developed by STS in partnership with an international wastewater company was initially engineered for municipalities for their wastewater treatment plants.  These bacteria, “genius bacillus”, are capable of thriving in both an aerobic and anaerobic environment and unlike common septic products do not displace or emulsify sewage in the tank and transfer it to the septic field but rather consume the sewage.  Another significant benefit, the reduction of H2s gases; concrete tanks are porous; the existence of H2s gases will deteriorate the tank shortening its life.  The bacteria “genius bacillus” is administered into the sewage infrastructure through a patented dosing unit.  This dosing unit is installed within the residence in a convenient location such as under a sink or in the mechanical room.  By dosing the sewage system optimum results will be obtained throughout the septic system.