Michael J. Belaire Sr., PDR

belaireMichael J Belaire Sr. PDR, our Chief Technology Officer and lobbyist, has an established and well-documented thirty-year plus career. Mike has a long history of researching and developing wastewater technologies for applications including that of: on-site through to commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

Michael has spent much of his career working as a researcher and lobbyist for the family operated environmental engineering firm in Ottawa, Ontario, and Quebec. His research has focused on issues of cost affective and increased efficiencies of treating wastewater using microbial activation, utilizing patented gas transfer technologies and media, rather than the existing mechanical aeration or anaerobic treatment of wastewater.  Michael is a compulsive net worker. His influential network extends from the political arena, both federal and provincial, to scientists and inventors across North America.

Michael leads the company in the development and market implementation of our joint technologies with other wastewater treatment companies.  Through our partnering resources Sewage Treatment Solutions has gained solid engineering capabilities and product manufacturing capacity, as well as the business relationships they have built up over the many years.

Mike’s 30-year experience includes; establishing environmental regulatory guidelines.  Michael is an expert in environmental regulatory guidelines relating to wastewater, having written and submitted many personally and today still assists in the inspection of sites, and advises and works with the enforcement of environmental regulations with both the private and public sectors.  Early in his career there was little or no research being done on conventional septic treatment systems, the failure rate and reasons for failure of these systems was becoming more apparent, and was increasing at a phenomenal rate. Michael realized that the private and public sectors were simply replacing the failed septic fields, a very costly and only an interim measure. He focused on the retrofitting of all types of wastewater systems and plants, inclusive of on-site through to commercial, industrial, and municipal applications.  Design-build technologies/processes for industrial wastewater systems.  Michael has spent over twenty years working with the oil and gas industry, and later became VP and lobbyist for a utility-based corporation out of Edmonton, Alberta. His work took him to places such as India, Japan, and throughout Europe, where he designed wastewater micro plants utilizing oxygen-generating technologies for the aquaculture industry.  A passion for new technologies, Michael is always on the hunt for new technologies.  Michael’s entrepreneurial family background has provided him with invaluable insight into building businesses and bringing new technologies to the market place.

Michael is well known as a (PDR) Product Development Researcher, working with senior research bodies like the NRC, and the ARC, he has sat on national committee’s relating to environmental technologies and processes relating to the wastewater and recycling industry.

Official appointments, lobbyist and member of commissions Michael has a legal background working with both the Ontario and Alberta courts, specializing in civil and summary conviction matters. He was assigned by the Ontario Justice Minister of the day to sit on a provincial justice commission with called the Iani Commission, and was chaired by Dr. Iani, dean of law at Western, University.

As a lobbyist and PDR, Michael has worked with the Canadian Government and the World Bank, through appointments with numerous Federal Ministries, including bodies like CIDA, Natural Resources, Agriculture and Agri-Food, Environment, Fisheries and Oceans, Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Indian and Northern Affairs, and National Defence.  Mike also worked with national commissions and boards, such as The Business Development bank of Canada, Economic Development for Quebec, Export Development Canada, National Research Council, and Via Rail Canada.