Dr. Mohtada Sadrzadeh

Dr. Mohtada Sadrzadeh is currently an Assistant Professor in Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Alberta. He received his Ph.D. degree in Chemical Engineering from Iran University of Science and Technology upon completion of his dissertation on the synthesis and characterization of advanced polymeric membranes and their use in water and gas treatment. Having this background, he joined the University of Alberta as a Postdoctoral Fellow in 2011 to establish the polymeric membrane fabrication and membrane process development in Mechanical Engineering Department. The contributions made by Dr. Sadrzadeh during his postdoctoral fellowship and in his academic career thus far have led to the development and application of novel membrane materials and processes for, particularly, oil sands produced water treatment. The most significant contribution has been to provide a proof-of-concept regarding the feasibility of membrane processes for treatment of SAGD-produced water. Dr. Sadrzadeh is currently directing Advanced Water Research Lab in the National Institute for Nanotechnology (NINT) building that is equipped with the membrane and nano-particle synthesis and characterization equipment as well as membrane filtration systems. In this unique membrane-specialized facility in western Canada, 14 graduate students (9 Ph. D. and 5 M.Sc.) and 3 postdoctoral fellows are working under his supervision on cutting edge membrane technologies. He is collaborating with eleven oil and gas companies through COSIA, IBM, NRCan, and NRC on the synthesis of thermally stable and anti fouling membranes. Dr. Sadrzadeh has an h-index of 25 (according to Google Scholar) with his 50+ refereed publications cited more than 1,800 times.