Research & Development

Sewage Treatment Solutions is your partner in research and development

Sewage Treatment Solutions is built on a foundation of research and development.  An entrenched relationship with the National Research Council and the Alberta Research Council, Sewage Treatment Solutions adheres to continual research into wastewater treatment in orderrd1 to keep its technology at the forefront in the wastewater treatment industry.  Prototype locations, product development and testing, along with joint collaboration amongst other product development researchers exist on an ongoing basis in order to provide new technologies and enhance current treatment systems currently in use.  By partnering with researchers from around the globe we are capable of developing effective economical wastewater treatment for various biological and industrial applications.

“Built on a foundation of research and development”

Not all wastewater is the same, therefore not every solution is the same.  By providing in-house laboratory support, confidential chemical and microbiological profiling of wastewater samples assist in solving wastewater treatment challenges for our clients.  Coupled with in-house engineering, assistance in site development and regulatory approvals assist in the delivery to the client of economical advanced technology.

“Not all samples are created equal. Therefore, neither should the system that’s treating the wastewater”

Analysis of the situation dictates the solution required.  Although similarities may exist, characteristics of the wastewater are determined in order to provide the most effective solution.  Far too many wastewater treatment providers today suggest a new treatment system and do not consider any type of retrofit application.  Conversely Sewage Treatments Solutions through their technological research is making


 retrofit products available that work toward correcting failing systems, be it septic systems for acreage owners or wastewater treatment plants or lagoons for municipalities.  The economical benefits are dramatic when comparing retrofit solutions to new systems.  By embracing research and development as a integral makeup of the company’s philosophy, Sewage Treatment Solutions will continue to seek out advanced technologies in wastewater treatment and deliver these advanced technologies to their customers.