Sewage Treatment Solutions founder, Mike Belaire Sr., was commissioned by one of the largest industrial camp manufacturers in the world to develop innovative proprietary wastewater treatment systems for camp applications.

Improper installations by incompetent contractors in northern B.C. resulted in disbursement of effluent resulting in fines in excess of $1,000,000.Through this development process a number of industrial technologies have been created for oil field, mining, forestry and other similar camp applications.  Whether it’s an in ground application for a permanent camp or a mobile unit for  temporary use either system will produce similar effective results.

Sewage Treatment Solutions provides an assurance and strict adherence to regulatory guidelines for its clients ensuring that compliance in all aspects of wastewater treatment, discharge and removal if required is achieved.  Having been called in to sites to “clean up the mess of others”, Sewage Treatment Solutions is fully aware of the ramifications of inadequate treatment of wastewater.

The need for proper care given to the treatment of wastewater is crucial to our environment but also our partners and customers that rely on professional treatment of their wastewater requirements.  Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. has been at the forefront of wastewater technology for camps for several decades.  The founder of our company was commissioned by one of the largest camp manufacturers in the world to develop novel proprietary wastewater treatment systems for  camp applications. As technology has evolved, Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. has led the industry in product development and innovative systems for camp applications.

gavelGovernment legislation amendments in 2012 have resulted in an increase to fines and penalties including the possible shut down of systems discovered to be dispersing effluent above acceptable levels.  Fines for first time offences have been increased to $250,000 in addition to the clean-up costs associated with the recovery of effluent and the possibility of liability claims associated with the offence.  Today, it is crucial that camp owners are certain their waste water treatment is functioning properly and within the defined guidelines.  Evidence of required documentation is crucial for those associated in any way with the camp facility, as it is no longer prudent to rely solely on the wastewater treatment company to ensure accurate results.

To enhance the effectiveness of proper results Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. is capable of providing remote monitoring of our wastewater treatment systems, ensuring real time reporting of critical data.  This provides crucial information about the liquids disposed into a system that may harm essential biological matter of shock loads above the initial desired requirement. The result is increased confidence that the system is functioning properly parties.


Hydrocarbon Treatment

Not only is Sewage Treatment Solutions capable of organic waste but through our partners we are able to provide our clients with numerous technologies to treat numerous types of wastewater.  These include water treatment for:

  • Biological and chemical (bio) gas desulfurization process;
  • Biogas upgrading water scrubbing; and
  • Biogas upgrading membrane separation.


Design capabilities for numerous applications best describes Sewage Treatment Solutions ability to provide solutions for their clients.   Working to be your partner and specialist for environmental technology we collaborate with our team of engineers to help design and build standardized quality installations for; biogas, air and water treatment. We invest continuously in the development of sustainable technology and this gives us and our customers a definite competitive edge.  Our ability to evolve with our clients results in innovative technologies focused with economical results.