Throughout North America wastewater is becoming a bottleneck for community growth.

communal1Municipalities, housing developers and industrial parks are facing difficult times in light of municipal wastewater treatment plants and lagoons reaching or exceeding capacity.  Tenants and owners eager to occupy developed property and developers anxious to develop sites are faced with the dilemma of antiquated or inadequate sewer infrastructure.  Being compliant with wastewater requirements becomes an insurmountable obstacle.  Consequently a stand still ensues, the development site cannot connect to the current sewer line infrastructure, (nor are they allowed to haul to the local lagoon), due to the capacity levels of the current infrastructure.


The solution…

communal2A communal wastewater treatment system that provides superior treatment of wastewater on site.  The effluent released from the system is typically designed to discharge 5 ppm or less and as a result can then be discharged into the existing sewer line infrastructure or into an onsite lagoon.

In house engineering by STS provides developers with fewer headaches when developing a site.

Whether it’s an upscale housing development in Regina Saskatchewan, an industrial site in Westlock Alberta or a camp housing facility in Williston North Dakota, Sewage Treatment Solutions can that provide superior treatment of wastewater on site.  Not only our in-house engineering and close connections with our installation partners but also our experience when dealing with government departments, be it municipal affairs of the provincial health department will alleviate some of the stress associated with the “wastewater issue”.