Engineered technology provides a reliable system and ultimate peace of mind for our customers.

acreage1At Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc., we don’t just sell you a tank. We provide a complete waste water treatment system tailored to the specific needs of your home. Our engineered technology provides a reliable system and ultimate piece of mind for our customers.  Outdated systems which are still in frequent use today will lead to failures and create costly problems for land owners.

acreage2Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. has worked with engineering design teams and product development researchers to seek out the most effective and economical system for your country home. We work with you to identify the model and configuration best suited to your site conditions and dwelling size. We can also put together a custom configuration tailored to your specific needs.

acreage3Technology not found elsewhere in North America is available through STS.  An integrated symbiotic relationship involving research and development of advanced wastewater treatment technology between ourselves and our international partners provides both the North American, European and other  markets throughout the world with continual improvements for the wastewater treatment industry.

From a single house up to public restaurants, hotels, schools, shopping malls, lodges and other facilities, different technologies are designed to provide the most efficient mix of technologies.

Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. can provide a vast array of technology for your septic requirements.  Whether it’s a concrete septic tank, aeration technology to eliminate nitrogen, high density polyethylene for holding tanks, septic tanks or cisterns or perhaps biological treatment for more efficient septic breakdown.

Your system may look like this, or it may not, why?  Because our septic systems are designed for the specific application.  Although similarities between systems may exist, each property possess characteristics that may affect the technology chosen for the particular site.   A number of factors will come in to play when designing and choosing the correct system for a particular site.  Whether it’s soil analysis, distance to buildings or occupancy a number of factors are used to determine the correct and most efficient design and ultimately the correct system for your property.


Sewage Treatment Solutions is now pleased to offer retrofit technologies so you need not have to replace a failed septic field or mound.  Technology ranging from biological treatment to aeration, failed systems can now be SAVED!