Sewage Treatment Solutions

Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. is a Canadian owned company that provides wastewater technology services throughout; Canada,  the United States and is now reaching to new global customers.  Our technology with respect to wastewater treatment knows no boundaries.

Sewage Treatment Solutions Inc. is built on a foundation of over 30 years of research, development, and product innovation in wastewater treatment. We combine our own patented technologies with proven, world-class treatment solutions from our global network of partners to improve operating performance, reduce costs, and increase effluent quality for our; municipalities, industrial, communal developments and residential customers.

Decades spent with the National Research Council, Alberta Research Council and CIDA (Canadian International Development Agency), by one of our founders, Mike Belaire Sr., has enabled Sewage Treatment Solutions to collaborate with Product Development Researchers from around the globe.  This ongoing relationship has resulted in the development and implementation of numerous technologies being adopted and in use in our customer’s homes and commercial facilities.

Our technologies provide solutions for all types of waste water problems in a number of different industries:

  • On-site (acreages, seasonal dwellings, portable housing structures, etc.)
  • Communal housing development sites
  • Industrial camps
  • Municipalities
    • Wastewater treatment plants
    • Lagoons
    • Odour Treatment


Positively impact the environment by revolutionizing waste water treatment.


Provide value added solutions for the waste water industry using innovative technologies coupled with world class leadership.  Promote an atmosphere of collaboration and opportunities for personal growth that will attract enthusiastic environmentally conscious partners.